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Fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services to the SMSF Accountants, SMSF Advisers and SMSF Trustees.

SMSF Audits

With the growth of SMSFs in the past five years (there are more than 650,000 SMSFs controlling more than $580 billion in funds) the need for accurate, expedient and thorough auditing services has thus also increased.

All SMSF’s are required to be audited by an approved auditor. This audit requirement is set out in law under section 35C of the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993. There is arrangement of approved auditor(s) to perform all auditing requirements pursuant to the Act, taking into account current developments. We are well placed to provide you with an independent SMSF audit solution you can trust both for quality and efficiency.

We provide fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services to the SMSF Accountants, SMSF Advisers and SMSF Trustees. Our SMSF Audit process is simple, easy to follow.

Reasons to choose WP Smith & Associates To Audit your SMSF

Quick Turnaround

With proven processes and using the latest technology available we are able to complete the audits within 7 days.

Fixed fees 

Thanks to our streamlined process and use of the latest software we are able to offer fixed fees for all audits.


In line with Superannuation legislation we provide a truly independent audit service.


Automated systems save time for accounting & financial planning firms.

Benefits of using our services

  • Fast turnaround time. We aim to maintain turnaround of less than one week for over 90% of our funds.

  • Several of the processes are automated. These processes reduce paperwork and time consumption in handling audit documentation.

  • Peace of mind that your SMSF audits are being handled by a qualified SMSF Auditor.

  • We are always looking for new and improved ways to achieve efficiency in our audits. We therefore work with our clients to achieve a service that is reliable, timely and efficient.

  • We perform the audit in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards.

  • Every audit is reviewed and areas of weakness in financial control and/or compliance are identified and a reported to the trustees.

  • Maintain proper compliance standards under the ATO guidelines.

  • Reduced risk of ATO Audit.

Business Solutions

Our team of experts with a wealth of experience, together with the large volume of audits we conduct each year, has resulted in enabling quick turnaround services that allow us to pass on considerable savings to our clients. We have worked with our clients on a large number of complex compliance issues and maintained complying status.

We stay up-to-date with the latest changes of legislation and are dedicated towards being the best at what we do. This passion continues with us when we are working with our clients in understanding their individual requirements and giving them tailor-made cost-effective audit services (with no hidden costs, except costs reimbursements for title search, etc.) and be responsive to their questions.

Quality experience combined with our several automated systems that save time, we provide auditing services our clients can depend on. Our pro-active approach ensures that any potential problem is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Accounting Practices and Financial Planning Firms

Protect your reputation
Your clients can have complete confidence in the integrity and independence of their audit.

Retain clients
Concentrate on growth. With SMSFs expected to grow to $900 billion in 2035, our audit platform helps you retain SMSF clients while helping you grow your business.

In business, what you do is just as important as what you don’t do
It’s hard to audit your own advice. While accounting firms might have a degree of separation between their advisory and compliance divisions, in reality, these are “ethical walls” and may result in a reluctance to raise issues that could compromise the firm.

Transferring SMSF audits to an external auditor removes any doubt over independence, and helps establish the trust that successful practices are built on.

However, independence is just one reason to use an external SMSF auditor. Focus, profitability, turnaround time and expertise are also commercial considerations.

The cost of upskilling staff may make SMSF audits an unviable revenue stream. Considering how to make the best use of limited resources should drive your decision-making.