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Who We Are

At W.P. Smith & Associates we are an experienced team of accountants located in Mount Waverley, Melbourne who pride themselves on achieving the best results for our clients. Whether we are looking for options to maximise asset protection for a medical practitioner or developing tax planning strategies for a growing small business our clients goals are our priority.

Our approach is simple; we want your small business to be successful and success comes from knowledge. Our services are structured to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions. You gain access to experienced business professionals that can help in evaluating business direction and performance, provide advice on strategic plans or evaluate new ideas.

Five Steps to Grow Your Business

March 14, 2020
Whether you are responding to an external opportunity such as new customers or grappling with internal pressures, you can grow your business successfully. By building key foundations, it is possible to continually increase your profits for several years. Whilst good general management can produce or...
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Reasons to choose WP Smith & Associates as your Accountants

Understand Your Numbers

We don't just lodge your reports and tax returns we take the time to meet with you to explain your numbers in plain English, what they mean for you and your business and suggestions to improve them in the future.

Proactive Advice

As well as meet your compliance obligations, we also provide you with proactive advice and guidance. We perform ongoing financial reviews, analyse the trends in your numbers, and highlight potential issues and opportunities.

Unlimited Communication

We provide all our clients with free unlimited communication, as well as regular meetings, so if you need a quick bit of advice or need to ask a question, you can just call us without having to worry about an extra fee.

No Hidden Fees

We provide you with an upfront, fixed quote for your work, so you know exactly how much it will cost—no nasty surprises.

Choose from managed service plan or standalone services

Business Services

Business owners must find the time to not only stay on top of their daily commitments but also measure and track how their business is performing. At WP Smith & Associates we look after the bookkeeping, accounting and tax requirements so you can focus on running the business. We'll crunch the numbers and prepare monthly summary's of your business performance to track against preset targets.

You work hard to make a living so you want to hold onto as much of your business profits as you can. We also work to keep your tax to a minimum by employing the latest strategies while ensuring your obligations are met.

Business Solutions

All business owners need to know that what they are doing is right for their business and they will get the success they want. They will all tell you there is no easy path to success and that you must keep persisting everyday. Those that do come out on top generally do so with the help of others. They have a team of people that help them including a business adviser that provides support and direction the business needs.

From Specialised Retail outlets to Owner Drivers, Tradesmen to Health Professionals all working hard to achieve financial success and each with specific industry and operational requirements to meet. At WP Smith & Associates we can provide that support and direction for your business.

Business Resources

Looking for suggestions on advertising methods that work or cost reduction strategies that get results or perhaps your trying to determine how to set the sales price for that new product.

Our Business Resources section provides many great business tools, guides and plans covering all areas of running a business. These guides and tools and workable methods have been put together by individuals who are experts in running a business.