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Business Consulting Services

Even if you have been in business for years, there's always something that pops up that you haven't dealt with before or would like to discuss with someone.

At WP Smith & Associates we listen to your concerns and help identify solutions that will allow your business to succeed and grow. You could be concerned with cash flow, an equipment purchase or hiring an additional employee. We help you develop a plan to evaluate the issue and put in place a strategy to achieve your goal.

We also understand that one change in your business can affect every other process. So, we continue to offer guidance and consultation to assist you through the change and make necessary recommendations for transitions so that it works better for you, as the business owner.
Some of the Small Business Solutions we offer are:
  • Preparing or stream lining your business plan
    We generally work with one-page business plans as it makes them relevant and helps keep business owners focused on growing their business;
  • Choosing the right business structure
    This can apply to someone who started as a sole trader and now wants to incorporate to help with asset protection or an existing business looking to restructure to sell of a struggling division;
  • Cash flow forecasting for Expansion
    This will involve preparing 3 Way Cash Flow Forecasts using Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Reports that indicate the hot spots and requirements to make it work;
  • Planning for growth
    This includes preparing operational budgets that incorporate growth strategies and the expected outcomes to be achieved. These are then tracked on a monthly basis.
  • Tax strategies & planning
    We will discuss what options are available to ensure taxation is always considered as part of any business planning process. This includes capital gains, foreign tax offsets and GST.
  • Capital investment
    This involves the use of savings or borrowed funds to make major purchases or acquisitions
    in the business and calculating the expected returns from those investments;
  • Financing / Venture capital
    This relates to the sourcing of funds that can be used in the business and generally involves the involvement of private investors that may take an ownership interest in your business;
  • Transition / Succession planning
    Relates to the changeover of ownership of the business. It can be from father to son or to an unrelated party;
  • Retirement Planning
    We help design a strategy to ensure you will have enough funds when you retire. This will mean putting plans in place today to ensure you use the available time productively;
  • Estate Planning
    Here we plan to ensure your wishes are met after you are gone by putting in place the
    steps required to make it happen;
  • Virtual CFO Services
    Refer Below

Virtual CFO

If your business seems to be doing well on the surface, but you're struggling to turn a profit, then you could benefit from a Virtual CFO. A CFO is a finance expert who can help you keep on top of your business finances, and improve your cash flow and profitability.

All large corporations have a CFO, but this level of expertise is normally beyond the reach of smaller businesses, until now. With a Virtual CFO from WP Smith & Associates, you can enjoy all the benefits of an experienced CFO, for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.
Services included in our Virtual CFO services include:
  • Implementation of Online accounting system
    We'll set your business up on online – easy-to-use and accessible online 24 hours a day.
  • GST Returns
  • End of Year Accounting & Taxation Obligations
    Preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Tax Forecasting and Planning
    Enables you to plan and budget for tax while employing strategies to minimise tax
  • Business Analysis
    Provides a benchmark from which to measure actual results, and identifies areas for improvement and opportunities for development.
  • Strategic planning
    We work with you to set goals and provide a strategic plan and direction for your business. This includes preparing a financial plan, forecasts and setting KPIs.
  • Monthly Reporting
    We will monitor your performance and provide current data on what is happening financially in your business.
  • Monthly Meeting
    Regular online meetings with owners and managers to focus on profit and cash flow improvement. This enables your business to take any necessary corrective action sooner rather than later, and have up to date information and reports on which to base decisions.
  • Unlimited support
    You will enjoy unlimited telephone and email support.
If you think you need help, call us today on 9803 1477 and we can get your businesss moving.